Acrylic Awards

Corporate Awards & More in Wooster, OH

Awards signify accomplishment and achievement. They’re special because they’re the culmination of someone’s hard work and commitment. And, they’re even more special when they bear the name of the person who went above and beyond to achieve them. If you’re presenting an award to someone who deserves recognition, come to Everything Engraved for custom corporate awards and more for your next event in Wooster, Smithville, or Westwood, OH. We’ll help you create an award anyone will be overjoyed to have.

  1. Corporate Awards

    Corporate achievements are some of the highest professional honors you can bestow upon a person. Whether it’s a lifetime achievement for a successful executive or recognition for above-and-beyond service, corporate awards need to be beautiful and personalized to their recipient.

    Our selection of customizable corporate awards includes plaques, glass and acrylic awards, office accessories, drinkware, frames and much more. We’ll help you customize the award with the person’s name, title, achievement, year, company name and more. Give them something they’ll proudly display in their office for all to see!

  2. Achievement Awards

    It’s important to recognize the achievements of your colleagues. What better way than personalized rewards? We help Wooster, OH businesses, organizations, schools, and sports teams show their appreciation for their top performers.

    Expect customizable awards that shine wherever they’re displayed and give others a reason to strive for the superior achievement they represent.

Mark the Accomplishment

Awards are things people keep for their entire lives, as a mark of their accomplishments. Everything Engraved wants to help you create a personalized award the recipient will cherish beyond all others in their collection. Contact us today at 330-264-2957 to discuss your next set of plaque awards, custom trophies, name plates, or beyond.